Botanicals & Nutraceuticals

Botanical nutraceuticals with defined nutritional or physiological effects can be found in food supplements, fortified foods, and functional foods.

In general terms, these products promote good health, “optimal nutrition,” the concept of enhanced performance, and reduce risk factors for disease.

* Herbal Supplements
* Vitamins & Minerals
* Probiotics
* Enzymatic Therapy

Botanicals Nutraceuticals Anchorage Alaska

What’s the difference between botanicals and nutraceuticals?

‘Botanicals’ is a generic term for plant-based remedies and formulas, that are also known to some as herbs or herbal remedies, while nutriceuticals refer to micronutrients that include vitamins, minerals, glandulars, amino acids and specific food components.

What are the roles that these substances play in natural medicine?

Botanicals have a wide array of functions which include immune support, blood sugar control, hypertension management, menopause support, adrenal fatigue, anxiety & depression, and erectile dysfunction. Nutriceuticals may be used in conjunction with botanicals to produce a synergistic effect of promoting optimal health and wellness, and recovery from acute and chronic illness. It is important to note that vitamin and mineral supplementation is not meant as a replacement for a healthy diet but rather ‘plug the holes’ in a person’s diet, lifestyle and health issues.
Are these substances safe for everybody to take?

Generally speaking, yes, these products are utilized in pre-natal stages to promote a healthy fetus, with children and adults, and for seniors with compromised digestion and nutrient absorption issues. One area of caution with respect to the use of botanicals involves pregnancy where most botanicals are contraindicated. Other times there are cautions/contraindications with these products being used with certain prescription medications due to interference factors and/or increasing the potency of the drug.

The main advantage of using these natural products is that they generally do not have side-effects like the prescription meds do. You still need to work with a qualified health care provider to make sure that you’re taking the right products in the right dosage for your individual needs.
How are these products taken?

Most of these products are available in capsule form but there are many other options:
• Tincture
* Tea
* Powder for a shake or smoothie
* IV or IM injection

Are these products covered by insurance?

Insurance plans usually don’t cover natural products as they do prescription medications. Using your FSA or HSA may be a viable option for coverage as these products are not inexpensive.