Genetic Direction

Are you suffering from a chronic disease?

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Genetic direction testing has moved into the mainstream and is the future of preventive health. Thousands of tests are offered for medical conditions and diseases. The science and research behind genetic testing related to lifestyle and wellness markers has progressed to the point of understanding the specific genes that dictate how the human body processes carbohydrates, fat, protein, micro-nutrients, etc., and how specific genes determine the effectiveness of certain fitness activities.

Genetic Direction Testing Anchorage Alaska

Science Behind Genetic Testing

While the science behind our products is very complex, the process you will follow to obtain your genetics-based recommendations is quite simple. After you purchase a product from our web store, we will mail you a DNA collection kit to the address you provide. You will simply rub the sterile cotton swab in the kit along your gums for one minute, pack the sample up, and send it back to us. Our federally certified lab will analyze your sample, and within 3-4 weeks we will send you notification that your GxSlim and/or GxRenew Report is ready for you to access inside our secure web portal.

When you log in to our secure web portal, you will be able to view your complete diet and lifestyle recommendations and access our genotype-specific health content library. This comprehensive resource library contains hundreds of articles, videos, and recipes that are curated and directed to you based on your unique genetic profile. Your report and health content are available at any time and accessible from any connected desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Dr. David M. Newirth is a naturopathic doctor and operator of Alaska Natural Health Solutions in Anchorage, AK. He can be contacted @ 907-569–5757.