Genetic Testing for Weight Loss

How Does Genetic Testing for Weight Loss Work?

I have contracted with a genetic-testing lab in Texas that provides a simple DNA test kit for our genetic testing for weight loss program. This simple process involves swabbing the inside of your cheek with a Q-tip for one minute and then placing it in the mailing envelope to send back to the lab (Genetic Direction, LLC).

About 3-4 weeks later they will provide you with an individualized weight loss program (GxSlim) that is comprised of nutritional guidelines, 2-week menu plan, optimal vitamin/mineral supplementation, and an exercise regimen that is created specifically from your unique genetic profile (DNA analysis). The results are available for free on-line or you can order a hard copy for a small fee. You can also schedule a consultation with a telehealth professional for an additional fee to review your results and recommendations.

What genes are used for DNA analysis?

The lab at Genetic Direction analyzes approximately 115 DNA markers that have been established through complex research to associate with how the body ages, how the body processes food & nutrients, and also to physical exercise.

How specific and detailed is the individualized report?

There are 3 major areas covered in the report. The largest section will contain the nutritional profile which discusses in easily understood terms as to how much protein, fat and carbohydrates you should consume on a daily basis for optimal wellness, energy and weight loss. The second section will cover the subject of micronutrients, i.e. , vitamins and minerals, and which of these you may be uniquely at risk for deficiencies and also which foods are good sources of these micronutrients. The third subject area addresses the best exercise regimen for your genetic profile regarding types of exercise, intensity, duration and frequency. The end of the report provides a customized menu plan for a 2-week cycle for your ease of planning, shopping and preparing.

What happens to the DNA sample and what about privacy?

Your DNA sample will be safely destroyed by Genetic Direction within 45 days of the DNA analysis. The lab also strictly adheres to HIPAA regulations regarding your identity, profile and sensitive information utilizing the most current servers, firewalls and encryption techniques.

Does insurance cover the cost of the genetic testing for weight loss program?

Most insurance companies do not cover this type of testing at this time. If your physician recommends a weight management program, you can likely use your HSA or FSA funds to cover the cost.